Quality Profile  

Quality Policy

We are committed to delivering solutions corresponding to our customers' needs and expectations.

We want to know and manage the quality of our products and we want to set up concrete measurements for our quality, thereby creating continuous improvements.

We want to be proactive and innovative in our continuous strive to improve our product quality. All inquiries regarding our product quality will be handled fast, objectively and obligingly.

We will inform and educate our employees to act in accordance with our quality management system and build up a quality consciousness in our organization.

We insist on a close cooperation with our customers and our strategic supplier.

We will develop the qualifications, performances and procedures of our company continuously.

We will conduct economic evaluations of our quality costs and use them as key figures to measure our quality standards.

Quality Objectives

We will work on minimizing the amount of complaints – the aim is always zero deviations.

We will work on improving our product quality by creating sustainable improvements and by correcting our conduct.

We will work on improving our quality level by introducing new quality elements and tools – and by implementing the customers' wishes in a flexible and open-minded way.