Welcome to the Sensor World

Sensors, encoders, …they all sit in a huge amount of applications: Construction machinery, forklifts, fertilizer spreaders, anchors in large ships.

Technology has many faces.

Position sensors and

incremental encoders

High-quality and high performing sensors sit in numerous applications. From medical devices to large agricultural vehicles. At Mikkelsen we have specialized in linear, rotary/angle and position sensors with a distinct focus on accuracy and durability.

The range includes contact, non-contacting and plug-in sensors and a keyword is rough environment.

Sensors of All Kinds

Dig into the world of hightech position sensors and encoders of Mikkelsen's longterm partners.

Every sensor or encoder come with experienced know-how and support - be it if you need a standard solution or customization.

For applications where functional safety is an issue, in rough environments or where ATEX is required.

Customized sensor

or encoder?

Some of our customers require standard solutions and others have their eyes set on customized encoders with a specific output. We are happy to say that we have the solution for most customers through long-time relationships with renowned high-end manufacturers.



Non-Contact Sensors

Some applications get easily worn due to dirt or high repetitions. Here non-contact sensors can form a better and more economical solution.

Non-contact sensors measure via a separate position marker. Because of the lack of friction this sensor is more reliable and durable. It has a high IP-degree and can sit in challenging environments.



See how non-contact sensors work.

See the technology behind non-contact sensors.

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