Your own moulding production

If you prefer a larger part of the production process we can also help you building your own production line.

From drawings in Solid Works over tooling to the correct moulding machine that fits your needs.

Engineering work

Knowledge about how hotmelt flows in its tool is something we have gained knowhow about for decades.We can make the drawing for you and simulate the optimuum flow in the tool if you wish to create your own production.


The idea behind a good tool for ie hotmelt is to know the optimuum flow. In an aluminium tool hotmelt will harden very quickly and therefore the knowhow lies in the flow.

On a yearly basis we use around 120 tools in our production. All of them manufactured by ourselves.

Mikkelsen has produced thousands of tools so we have a lot of knowhow you can rely on.

Moulding machines

Why not choose the best?

From the very beginning Mikkelsen and German Optimel have been partners. And Optimel have built the machines we use in our own low-pressure moulding production. So we can only recommend the quality.

If you would like your own low-pressure production you need a machine from Optimel.

Choose between Lab-life for prototyping over complete machines systems for automated production.




Technomelt hotmelt granulate from Henkel

In all its simplicity the granulate is a glue consisting of - among other substances - rapeseed oil. When heated the granulate turns into a sort of glue that can protect your application from vibrations, humidity, dust and certain fluids.

We tend to call it a green choice since the production process does not involve toxic vapour.