Delicate components

require protection

A customized solution that fits exactly to your application and requirements.

At Mikkelsen we tend to say we are experts in low-pressure moulding. But the truth is that we are also very experienced in injectjion moulding with high pressure, potting and gluing.

At the end it all depends on what your application must endure. Low-pressure moulding protects against vibrations, dust, humidity etc. and Epoxy makes it waterproof.

Call our experts in the Sales department and tell them your requirements. They draw on our Engineering departments and long-term partners in search of the best solution for you.



A one-in-all solution: low-pressure moulding, housing and protection in one.

The moulding protects against:

  • Vibration
  • Dust
  • Humidity
  • Some chemicals
  • ...and some types endure down to -50C


Moulded in an aluminium tool the production process is fast and needs not take hardening time and space into account.
In addition, the production process is free of toxic fumes and can be handled right after the moulding process.
This gives you a low cost per unit and extremely high production effiency.

If you choose Technomelt you have an environmentally friendly protection. Technomelt is a low-pressure protection consisting of - among others - rapeseed.

Design options:

  • Choose the form you like
  • Add your logo
  • Choose the colour of your application

Used for:

  • Protection of electronics
  • Cable reliefs
  • Tulles
  • Design options

Ruggedized applications

With injection moulding

For applications challenged by environmental factors injection moulding can be the answer.

Where low-pressure moulding can be a superb option in some cases injection moulding can offer you possibilities if you require ruggedized applications.

Available in numerous materials, colours and with different protection features.

Examples of injection moulding:

  • Ruggedized strain reliefs
  • Customized grommits


Low-pressure or


Difference between low-pressure moulding and injection moulding?

Moulding granulate
* Injection moulding can use all kinds of thermoplastic material
* Low-pressure moulding uses Technomelt

* Low-pressure moulding operates at at pressure from 5-20 bar.
* Injection moulding from 50-200 bar.

* For low-pressure moulding an aluminium tool is used. Alternatively, a tool in 3D material can be used for prototypes
* Injection moulding tools are made of steel

Application endurance
* Low-pressure moulding protects against vibrations, dust and humidity
* Injection moulding applications can be water-proof and endure rougher environmental impact

What to mould?
* PCBs with delicate components can be moulded with low-pressure without being damaged

Join forces

with a potting specialist

For applications with a cavity and where protection is required call us.

Mikkelsen has semi-automated potting process with dispensing equipment and we have certified staff to manufacture your solution.

Use potting for smaller series and where process time means less than the cost of a moulding tool.


  • For small series
  • Waterproof or water resistant
  • You already have a cavity
  • Good resilience towards chemicals


Need to join two parts?

We can help you with both 1 or 2 component gluing and also have the space and equipment for the curing process.

Additionally - and importantly - our staff have the correct certificates to do so.

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