Quality that Counts

Quality is not just a fancy word for Mikkelsen – it’s a way of thinking. An efficient way, a green way.

For this reason, quality in Mikkelsen is closely tied to education, processes, LEAN-thinking and a greener footprint in this world.

For over 50 years our customers have challenged us to create the best solutions and our customized applications sit in products that save lives, produce energy, protect nations, or make every day easier for a large number of people.

For the confidence we are proud and for this we strive to deliver the best possible quality.


Quality starts with people. Of understanding the impact of quality, of setting goals and of having a quality mindset.

Mikkelsen staff is continuously trained and educated in LEAN and our production is ISO-certified to ensure a consistent quality. And we continue to set high goals for our quality.


Procurement is not just finding the best product at the best price but also about minimizing surplus in the warehouse. And beyond all, electronics components also mean avoiding conflict minerals or other metals, substances or working techniques that have an impact on humans or our planet.

In Mikkelsen, we seek to lean our procurement and our whole thought behind customizing in the highest quality is that we only manufacture what is needed for the solution. No more and no less.


Mikkelsen has been ISO 9002 certified since 1999. We are now certified after ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015. These ISO-procedures guarantees a steady and uniform quality - and quality thinking.

For NATO projects and projects to selected countries Mikkelsen is also been AQAP 2110 certified.

Both our production sites are certified by Bureau Veritas and both production sites also have the UL approval with the Wiring Harnesses Programme for the US and Canadian markets.

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ISO 9001-certificate.

ISO 14001-certificate.

UL certificate.

AQAP2110 certificate


Get it right the first time! Under this motto we strive to deliver the highest quality solutions.

It’s super easy to say but how do we do it? We do it by having quality drivers and they are the right people and the right procedures.

Our operators are all trained on a regular basis in IPC620 class 3. And working with Mikkelsen means that you are met with over 50 years of production knowledge.


We are not holy, but we are trying to do our best by re-using, recycling and minimizing our footprint in the world. For us, it is also a sign of quality because it shows that we relate to the world in which we live.

Click here if you are curious about how we interpret UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.