History of Mikkelsen

Old, family-owned company – how super dull! Or not?

Mikkelsen has been on the move since its very start in a children’s room in 1971. The first months Marius - Mik - Mikkelsen worked from a children’s room at home before moving to a little office with two employees he had worked with previously.

In 1971 the competencies of Mikkelsen were to find quality suppliers and components and move them across borders. This was before The Common Market, but Mikkelsen hasn’t been standing still.

Being on the move and with a close customer contact Mikkelsen soon started a cable assembly production. And with a cable assembly a moulding production soon followed. And with a cable and moulding production boxbuilding was an obvious step into a new future.

Time flies

  • 1971 Mikkelsen Electronics is founded by M. Mikkelsen
  • 1983 Cable assembly is established
  • 1992 Introduction of Technomelt to the Danish market
  • 2004 Office in Sweden opens
  • 2007 Sales in Norway is established
  • 2008 Sales Finland is established
  • 2011 Pop-up production for windmills in Farum established
  • 2014 Mikkelsen Electronics D.o.o. Niš, Serbia etablished
  • 2017 Mikkelsen enters defence market
  • 2018 Pop-up production for defence in Farum established
  • 2019 Mikkelsen Electronics A/S is now owned 100% by Anne M. Levinsen and Ulla H. Mikkelsen